Product development

Develop and design products and assist in obtaining patents.

Innovation and creativity

Learn critical thinking skills and the power of positive thinking.

Training and sponsorship of teams

Supervising the teams participating in international competitions and the World Robot Olympiad

Education services

Providing scientific courses in various fields.

What We Offer

Accredited Certificates

Earn recognized skills with our accredited certificates.

Certified Teachers

Our teachers are accredited and an awesome at their fields

Scientifically qualified teams

Our teams and mentors are qualified , as well as you'll be

Passionate Instructors, Proven Results

Our instructors are not just educators; they are passionate individuals dedicated to fostering a love for learning

Fab Academy

A global initiative from ( MIT ) in the USA, serving as a digital manufacturing lab to inspire communities to turn their ideas into reality. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and staffed by specialized engineers, it exemplifies a commitment to fostering creativity and innovation within a professional context.
VUJA is the only accredited laboratory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia authorized to offer the Academic Fab Diploma.

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Our Courses

4 weeks

Future Leaders

Future Leaders is a significant component of primary education training, with the goal of fostering leadership skills, discipline, responsibility, and cultural qualities necessary for effective leadership in the modern era.

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2 hours

Learn To Code

We'll delve into the world of coding and highlight its significance in today's world, showcasing how it's an essential skill for success in various fields.
We'll provide you with practical tools and tips to identify if your child has a knack for coding and how to nurture their interest.

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30 hours


A global competition that embodies the creativity and skills of young people through competitions in robotics and artificial intelligence and is held with different sports and technical challenges every year.


30 hours

Mawhibah program

The national program aims to identify talented people, develop them and contribute to a knowledge-based society. Note: Registration for the program is available during the period from October to December of each year, and will be implemented during the pe


6 months

Fab Lap Diploma

Fab Academy It is an intensive practical program through which you can build your technical skills and qualifies you to manage an integrated technical development center and obtain an accredited diploma from Fab Lab.


30 hours


A national competition for distinguished school students from various regions of the Kingdom, where students compete to solve problems and design algorithms based on learning, data structuring, and programming by incorporating artificia


12 weeks


Scratch is the world’s largest coding community for children and a coding language with a simple visual interface that allows young people to create digital stories, games, and animations. Scratch is designed, developed, and moderated by the Scratch Found


15 hours

Bebras Competition

The Bebras competition are made of a set of short online problems called Bebras Tasks. The aim is to solve as many as you can in the allotted time.


To request appropriate programs

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